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Meet Your Hosts

Rochelle and Mike Schlins are convinced that your stay at Smith Hotel will be one of the highlights of your trip. Both hosts have worked in the people business for over 40 years before buying the hotel in 1998. Rochelle worked for 27 years in retail as a JCPenney's buyer/manager and Mike has been an educator/coach since 1973. This experience has taught them always to put people first and provide value for every dollar spent. On a weekly basis, they both try to find ways to please the hotel's varied customers. Throughout the season, they put in many 15-hour days, giving them both a sense of satisfaction from solving the housing needs of their clients. "We are the ass-kiss Bed and Breakfast of Hwy-89," Mike kiddingly says at the end of a long week — and many guests say the same! The guestbook is full of words of praise for the time we spend attending to every request.

Rochelle grew up in southern California where she lived the great life of a surfer girl attending high school just minutes from the beach. She worked in a surf shop making bikinis and loving the Beach Boys. Her years-long travels with her first husband provided her with experience and training for running the Smith Hotel. Buying the hotel was an escape from her then home of Las Vegas, where she had learned all that the retail world could teach her.

Mike came to the Smith Hotel as a guest after a sunburned ear stopped him from playing golf with friends in the Mesquite area. He stayed in Room 3 for one night but spent much of his time talking with Rochelle. Both seemed to agree that a date was appropriate, and six weeks later a Las Vegas date "sealed the deal." Traveling back and forth from Alaska — where Mike spent 25 years teaching and fishing in Sitka — got to be too much, and so a partnership including a great marriage was planned. They both believe that this was their best moment together. Before living in Alaska, Mike lived in many different places where he was known for finding great fishing spots and travel deals. It was only natural for him to land in the tourist business. Each morning you will find him talking to guests about the best travel routes and day trips that our area offers.

Rochelle and Mike believe that you will thoroughly enjoy your time with them. The Smith Hotel reflects their varied personalities, their values, and their love of people.